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Kingsway International College Network

Governing Structure

Your affiliate Bible College may be legally structured:

  1. As a department of your church, governed by your board; however an Education Commission for higher learning may be established to oversee the college with guidelines in writing.
  2. As a separate entity from your church, incorporated with a board of directors, constitution and by-laws to govern its existence. We suggest a board of not less than three or more than seven.
  3. As an integral auxiliary of your church – incorporated separately, but with clear wording that it is an integral auxiliary and two or three of the church board members must also serve on the College Board. Your constitution and by-laws must define the guidelines for governing your affiliate college.
  4. The pastor of the church should always serve as the President of the college; however, we highly recommend a college director or dean be chosen to oversee day to day details of the college.

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