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Kingsway International College Network

Description of a Four Year Bible College Program

Kingsway International College Network agrees:

  1. To provide all original master copies of records and clerical necessary to operate a four year Bible College.
  2. To provide required training sessions for pastors and key staff members. This training session must be scheduled prior to the opening of your Bible College.
  3. To make available updated materials for promotion of your affiliate college and the recruiting of students.
  4. To make available curriculum and other materials necessary for a quality Christian education program.
  5. To conduct on-site visits to provide assistance, expertise and competent guidance yearly.
  6. To provide an official public ceremony, upon request, installing the President of your affiliate college during the training session.
  7. To provide a Teaching certificate (to those who qualify) for your instructors if needed.
  8. To provide the Pastor with a beautiful Founder and President Certificate.
  9. To permit each affiliate to use only KICN supplied curriculum.
  10. To furnish answer keys for core (required) courses for the four year program.

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Description of a Four Year Bible College Program | Contractual Agreement | Materials and Services
Governing Structure | Responsibilities of an Affiliate Bible College | Financial Obligations | Cancellation Details