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Kingsway International College Network

Contractual Agreement

In signing our contractual agreement you agree to manage your affiliate origination according to the operating standards and administrative procedures as set forth by Kingsway International College Network.

All certificates/degrees are issued from Kingsway University & Theological Seminary, as well as transcripts and all other student records, not the affiliate school.

  1. KICN is responsible for managing the tuition, fees and the transfer of information between the affiliate school and Kingsway University & Theological Seminary.
  2. KICN will send the affiliate school their portion of tuition and registration.
  3. KICN will maintain the academic integrity within and among its affiliates.
  4. The affiliate is responsible for delivering the educational services to the student and maintains the primary relationship with the student.
  5. You may name your Affiliate Bible College any name you choose, but you must note “Affiliated with Kingsway International College Network.” In all promotional materials, on websites and in all advertising when the affiliate college is mentioned then the affiliation phrase will be used immediately following the college name.

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