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Kingsway University was established to train men and women for Christian service in the 21st century. Our non-traditional educational delivery system has proven to be very effective in accomplishing this goal. We are committed to the time honored teachings of the Bible, yet "staying in step with the times" to make relevant application of these eternal principles.

Kingsway University's methods are now becoming the wave of the future for ministry training. In many seminaries, excessive time is spent and emphasis placed on repetition of information that is already common knowledge among most students. By challenging the thinking of students they come to know not only what they believe but why they believe. Once the student comes to this understanding they are much better prepared to minister to others.

We are continually reviewing and adapting our courses to provide our students with a quality Christian education. We currently offer degrees in Theology, Divinity, Biblical Studies, Pastor Theology, Christian Counseling, Christian Administration/Christian Education. As a graduate of Kingsway University you will be uniquely prepared to fulfill the plan of God for your life.